A Walk to Remember 💖
  1. To the buffet for just three more strips of bacon
  2. To bed when I woke up on the couch at 7 am using my fully unbuttoned front-buttoning skirt as a blanket
  3. Back to the hotel room of a kid I slept with after realizing I left my very large hoop earrings behind
    I only went back bc they were actually my friend's. my b @jennaec
  4. From the gym to the car after a pathetic 20 minute "workout"
  5. To a human-operated check out line when I'm waiting for a self-checkout machine to open up and a cashier says to me, "I can take you over here"
    Can't you see you're ruining my life?
  6. To the counter of a Dominos to claim the pizza I fell asleep waiting for inside of said Dominos
    It was Halloween and I was dressed as (a sleepy) Amy Winehouse
  7. To the bus stop senior year of high school when I was 18 and still getting to school via yellow school bus
  8. From the main stage at a music festival to the porta potties with the understanding that I will have to poop in one
  9. Laps around Whole Foods to eat the samples and then leave without buying anything
    Guac, cheese, and dessert??? Cheapest lunch in town
  10. Wandering around lost and confused on a street corner with a handle of Smirnoff in hand ("I don't need a bag!") waiting for my friend who drove me to come back from 7-11