My Bachelorette All-Star Cast

My turn, bitches
  1. Brian
    Fair to say I loved this basketball coach more than anyone in America
  2. Jared
    Just so I can send him home first and piss off the human race (but ok did everyone forget when he was "love man")
  3. Wells
    So I can send him home second for being skinnier than me and hurting my chances of being employed by a radio station
  4. Clint
    Ok he was hot and an engineer
  5. Mikey T
    He will do curls with my bikini clad body
  6. Dylan
    Everyone he loved died and I write sins not tragedies
  7. Joshua
    He will exist on my show to exclusively speak of tampons
  8. Justin
    I will have my producers make him do the craziest shit for the promise of screen time but it just doesn't work out for him. Or us.
  9. Everyone named Ashley that has ever been on the show
    I need friends! Who knows maybe we'll make out 👯👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👯
  10. Amber
    Girl deserves love
  11. The Bens
    I will take both to the end, tell Ben H I will choose him, and then walk off into the sunset with Chris "Thigh Gap" Harrison *Ben H will have split with Lauren B by the time I'm hot enough for my season*
  12. Long live Bachelor Nation
    I've had too much wine