Massage therapist by day, 'grammer by night. Iconic always. *Note: awkward cropping/cut off words is how they originally appear on her Instagram
  1. Sometimes she posts #relatable stuff (for a 55 yr old)
  2. -Sarcastic Bad Bitchess
  3. She's always ready to celebrate a holiday. This was for St. Paddy's
  4. Valentine's?
    What the fuck is this
  5. Feb. 29
  6. She often likes to promote her massage business
  7. Sometimes her posts don't have much rhyme or reason
  8. Sometimes they are just downright disturbing
  9. Sometimes the captions are the best part
    This pick might be a lot of things but "good" is not one of fhem
  10. Pour it up
  11. 😒
  12. Hottie
  13. Other times she might divulge a little too much about her recreational activities
  14. I'm Crispy Bowlpacker
  15. This is a fairly accurate representation of her physique
  16. But nonetheless her posts are inspiring and thought-provoking
    Like this
  17. And this
  18. And this
  19. And this
  20. And this!
  21. Sometimes the photos just speak for themselves
  22. But all in all, her Instagram is amazing and I love her posts
  23. God bless
  24. Yes you are