A motivational speaker told me to make a list of "wins" and I was like heh I know the place for that
  1. "Around the World" math game, Grade 1
  2. Seeing Lady Gaga live twice
  3. Finding a $100 Visa gift card on the ground once
    Fully loaded
  4. Going to a college in a new city where I didn't know anyone
  5. All of the times they didn't charge me for guac
  6. "Most likely to abbrev." 10th grade
  7. Learning how to ride a bike, 3rd grade
    Nobody thought this would ever happen
  8. Getting my driver's license
    Nobody thought this would ever happen
  9. Calling the doctor yesterday when I wanted to put it off so much it hurt
  10. Not getting arrested for underage drinking
  11. Catchphrase, every time I've ever played
  12. Letting my aunt set me up and going on a blind date
    I was out of your league Kevin "dead to me" Conner how dare you never text me back
  13. Finally trying (and liking!) Brussels sprouts
  14. Having a nice butt AND boobs
  15. Never being a moscato drinker