This is not a funny list
  1. I don't list much anymore
  2. I am either extremely confident or crippled with self doubt
  3. I am surprised when I tell people I have "online friends" and they think I'm weird
  4. I feel the need to tell everyone about how I have "online friends"
  5. I need a lot of validation from my partner mid-hook up that I'm doing a good job
  6. I forget to call my mom when I say I will
  7. I never follow through on my good blog ideas
  8. I never follow through on my bad blog ideas
  9. I refuse to try Ethiopian food
  10. I ate out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner today
  11. I can be both a nice person but also very mean
  12. I pretend to not know the name of that restaurant or bar or person I met once
  13. I pretend to think I'm ugly
  14. I'm not trying very hard at work
  15. I even wrote this whatever bye