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  1. Single white female. Usually hungry. Will cook for you because she doesn't trust you in her kitchen.
  2. 23, college grad, has job, no kids, no pets, no life.
  3. Single white female. Not divorced but acts like it. Seeking guy that looks gay but isn't. Don't be short.
  4. Single white female. Aggressive but not in the way you want. Likes quiet evenings AND quiet mornings.
  5. Single white female. 5'3" nice boobs. Left one is bigger.
  6. Single white female. Comes from broken home but it doesn't affect my everyday life I swear my dad only left when I was four and got some lady pregnant and I'm worried about my half brother and how much is this per word again?
  7. 5'3 and not exactly conventionally hot aka participant in the wellness program at work so I get cheap healthcare
  8. Single white gurl who sometimes talks like this and it's not always ironic. Seeking guy I can call daddy as a joke and won't get all weird
  9. 24 if we're rounding up. Likes grinding with drunk men in bars. Hates waiting in line for the bathroom at bars.
  10. Single white ladie. Funnier than u. Don't @ me unless u mean it. x0