I have the vision
  1. Hot guy notices gf's haircut after she comes home from long day at work, forgo Scrabble Night for crazy sex
  2. Small-boobed babe texts guy and he answers immediately (with emoji), Skype sex
  3. Tall and fit hottie comes home from her daily 5 mile jog to find un-creepy Verizon Fios guy setting up cable, seduces him after he gives her access to premium channels, "The Jinx" plays in the background
  4. Tinder guy says all the right things, comes over with pizza and beer, couch cuddles with girl who definitely showered that day, light petting
  5. Easy-going guy and un-opinionated girl meet in bar but decide they don't need alcohol to do what they want to do, she gives surprisingly quick blow job, guy spends most of night going down on girl
  6. Cool girl and smart guy sneak away from fellow party-goers, passionately make out, girl asks guy if she'll ever see him again, he says "yes"
  7. Frat stud walks 15 minutes to girl's apartment, pushes his own head down to her crotch, walks himself home
  8. Sober hottie wearing matching socks goes home with open-minded guy who says he's voting Democrat, pays for her uber home
  9. Stud delivers dozen doughnuts to unexpecting babe, she repays him with doughnut-incorporated bj
    Ok I could prob star in this one
  10. Girl solo watches Netflix, falls asleep with vibrator laying next to her
    Ok prob could do this one too