🇺🇸 America runs on Dunkin 🇺🇸
  1. DEMS:
  2. Hillary Clinton - Chocolate Frosted
    A solid doughnut choice for various occasions. Appeals to many different kinds of people. Isn't too flashy but isn't boring. Can get messy quickly if not handled properly or left unattended.
  3. Bernie Sanders - Strawberry Frosted with Sprinkles
    Exciting, Instagram worthy, but still has been around for quite some time. Popular with millennials and women. Trying hard to prove that it's not just for kids.
  4. GOP:
  5. Donald Trump - Chips Ahoy Creme (frosted with chocolate icing and dipped in Chips Ahoy cookie crumbles, filled with cookie dough flavored-buttercreme)
    Unapologetically indulgent. Loud, striking, and begs the question, "I wonder...?" Appealing because it's new, different, and possibly only around for a limited time. Hindsight is 20/20 on this one and leaves you with a stomachache.
  6. Ted Cruz - Boston Kreme that has been sitting in your car on a hot day
    Difficult to look it. Unappetizing and unsettling. At one point may have been appealing but is too far gone.
  7. Marco Rubio - Jelly
    Something your grandpa would like. Understands that there are other doughnuts out there that excite and interest people, but wants to stick with the traditional doughnuts that God intended for us to enjoy.
  8. John Kasich - Single Powdered Sugar Munchkin that was not eaten
    There's nothing that offensive about it, but it's often forgotten. Not exciting or appetizing enough to stand up against other doughnuts. Boring and often stale.
  9. Ben Carson - Croissant
    Not a doughnut. The "smarter" college-educated option but not really because it's made up of the same ingredients as the others. Falls apart easily and leaves an embarrassing mess.