~ Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life ~
  1. TLC's While You Were Out
    I would be perfect at complaining about how much I want the living room re-done and then have a panic attack when I get back from a weekend away to find that they threw out my ikea couch.
  2. MTV's The Challenge
    I become jealous easily, definitely drink more than my doctor would recommend, and have drawn blood while playing the card game "Spoons," so yea I think I would be a strong contender for a Seiko watch and the grand prize split 7 ways.
  3. Project Runway
    Unconventional challenge episode only. You don't even want to know what I could do with pencil shavings, used tissues, and a colostomy bag.
  4. Donut Showdown
    Never seen this show but I'm pretty sure I meet the requirements
  5. Undercover Boss
    I am a relatively hard worker, have a lot of debt and a decently screwed up childhood to pull from. I also generally cannot tell when someone is wearing a wig or hairpiece.
  6. Big Brother
    Literally all you do is chill in a big house and once a week play real-life Mario Party.