Salespeople love me 💸💸💸
  1. Large bottle of Stoli Chocolate Raspberry Vodka
    Papa himself of "Papa's Liquor" gave me like $3 off so I had to
  2. $8 box of off-brand animal crackers
    A couple kids were selling them and I thought it was comparable to Girl Scout cookies but this got weird and I probably contributed to child drug trafficking
  3. The Legally Blonde The Musical soundtrack
  4. Boyhood on iTunes
    An hour too long and the only good part was when Patricia Arquette would date alcoholics
  5. Urban Decay sparkly bright purple eyeshadow and eyeliner
    Literally $40 I could've spent on food
  6. Rail tequila shots
  7. Entire series box set DVDs of Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    Thought this was such a great gift but was really expensive and hard to find and like Netflix exists now
  8. Real leather cowboy boots
    Neigh my aesthetic
  9. Thong underwear
    I will choose a visible panty line over chronic wedgie errday
  10. Strawberry frosted doughnut (with sprinkles)
    I had already had eaten 2 doughnuts that day