Inspired by @jennaec who curates the playlists to my life
  1. Fat Bottomed Girls - Queen
    For footage of my numerous failed attempts at "getting into" exercise. Will be very brief
  2. Ignition (Remix) - R Kelly
    Videos of me dancing in a dorm room/apartment in college and pretending I'm cultured. Actual footage of this definitely exists.
  3. Someone Like You - Adele
    To be played behind me Facebook stalking all of my past boyfriends/guys I've kissed once.
  4. Only the Good Die Young - Billy Joel
    Photo essay progressing from pictures of me getting really excited to sing karaoke to when I am singing (excitedly) to an unimpressed crowd.
  5. Help I'm Alive - Metric
    Pictures of me in bed hungover and upset that I was too drunk to remember to wear my retainer
  6. Lucifer - Jay-Z
    Video footage of me frantically changing the channel when The Exorcist is on.
  7. Hide and Seek - Imogene Heap
    For when my I have to shoot my boyfriend's convict brother so he doesn't kill us both. Unlike Marissa, this will be the way I go. Super slow mo the video so it spans the entire length of the song.