*Edited down to limit the amount of food-related regrets
  1. Bought gifts at Barnes & Noble for people who work at Barnes & Noble
  2. Abandoned my fast food order after deeming I had waited too long in the drive thru
    If I wait long enough to think twice about 1am fries then it's on you, Mickey D's
  3. "Accidentally" read my roommate's journal
  4. Ate Chipotle twice in one day
    Not my idea, but could've said no
  5. Cheated on a crossword puzzle
  6. Did sex stuff with a Republican
  7. Refused a guy a hug on his birthday and said, "how bout a handshake?"
  8. Listened to "Total Eclipse of The Heart" 8 times in a row to pass an hour at work
  9. Went a whole day without drinking any water
  10. Asked the DJ to play the Taylor Swift song "22" at a bar
  11. Pooped in a porta-potty
    My lowest low of 2015