TGIF amirite
  1. My library card for the Library of Congress
  2. My sun salute (poor form)
  3. Various scars, bruises, and birthmarks
  4. That I'm good at chugging beer
  5. Photographic evidence of messes my roommate had made
  6. Pictures of people I thought they looked like
    "Omg you don't know me but you look like a combination of this girl who went to my high school and a raccoon here let me show you."
  7. My signature dance move of doing an extreme back bend
    Idk how this became a thing
  8. That I'm fun
    I'm always like this
  9. That I'm cool
    Too cool to look at the camera
  10. That I'm a baller
    😳 -me seeing my debit card charges the next day
  11. My boobs
    Never any takers