my ego is currently at a frightening high
  1. "You are a beast at charades"
  2. "You'll be very successful! Hehe :)"
  3. "You're an amazing writer"
  4. "You're a cool kid!"
  5. "Omg get over yourself! Just kidding! ...kinda.... :)"
  6. "You are the most fashionable person I know."
  7. "Your the sweetest girl ever!"
  8. "I'm sorry for not always being a good friend so please don't hold that against me!"
  9. "You have been a great friend and you always give me a good chuckle."
  10. "Sorry for making fun of your backpack."
  12. "Seriously, I'll miss you mom."
  13. "You are litteralllly one of the smartest girls I know."
  14. "You're such a sweet girl"
  15. "You complete me."
  16. "With you there was never a dull moment."
  17. "Thanks for helping me out in math last year I didn't even know you but I'm glad I got to know you"
  18. "It was nice to be partners with someone who wasn't extremely awkward."
  19. "Your dog is the DEVIL!"
  20. "You're an angel"
  21. "Your personality really lights up a room and your beautiful from the inside-out"
  22. "With you Tori everything was beautiful and nothing hurt"