*not exhaustive*
  1. An Open Letter to the Shit I Didn't Take
  2. 22 Reasons Why My Mom is My Mom
  3. My Soulmate Stood Behind Me at Panera Bread
  4. Fall is a Season. Here's Why:
  5. I Worked at a Grocery Store for a Year
  6. Why I Hate When Fish Smells Fishy
  7. I Kissed Someone With Adult Braces and I Didn't Die
  8. My Roommate Farts A Lot and This is What I've Learned
  9. I'm Single Because of My Starbucks Milk Preference
  10. You'll Never Forget the First Gay Guy Who Broke Your Heart
  11. How to Tell if He Wants to Do More than Cuddle Even Though That's All He Said and Also He's Your Friend's Brother