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  1. A couple watched the BBC stage version of Les Mis while the girl picked a booger from the guy's nose and blotted his face with an oil-absorbing sheet
  2. Megabus-
    Girl cracked open a fresh car air freshener and put it around her wrist like a bracelet. To be honest it didn't really strike me as weird as much as totally genius so
    Suggested by @julie_ghoulie
  3. Pre gaming
    College boy drinking before a six hour bus ride
    Suggested by @kaelin_dodge
  4. Man with no pants
    Literally had no pants on... Just boxer briefs. He also had a vintage suitcase with his name and address taped to the front with scotch tape
    Suggested by @astronautmikedexter
  5. A very strange family dynamic where a mother and daughter wore matching dresses and the father did not speak to them basically the entire ride
    @torihyndman gtms I know you remember them
    Suggested by @jennaec