I always find unexplainable things in my bags. Add what's in your purse, wallet, backpack!
  1. Tie between a crumpled up Dixie cup and three soda/beer can tabs
  2. This cashout voucher from Caesar's Palace
    Suggested by @tedfox
  3. A spoon
    For.. Uh.. Unexpected eating?
    Suggested by @jennaec
  4. 10 flash drives.
    Suggested by @ameliaville
  5. $1 gift certificate for a froyo place
    Cuz why not accept a free coupon from a creepy old man????
    Suggested by @lindsayhyndman
  6. an old oil blotting sheet, cause I don't like to litter, but I needed to blot before I saw a cute boy!!
    Suggested by @jessicafuentes
  7. A "breathalyzer"
    And I don't remember how it works
    Suggested by @danielleforte
  8. Slice of deli meat in a ziploc bag.
    I'm trying to teach my dog not to pull at her leash after cars when we go for walks. When she's good and pays attention I give her a little morsel of turkey. Sometimes I forget it's in there though, so that's not good.
    Suggested by @julie_ghoulie