5 things I hate about being pregnant

I must start this list off by saying I'm generally having a good pregnancy. No morning sickness, no crazy cravings or dire medical complications. I know I'm lucky and should be grateful. I know that!!! And I am. Still. I'm emotional, so let me gripe!!
  1. 1. I'm fat! I don't have a waist any more!!! 😫😭😭😫.
    Despite desperately wanting to get pregnant, the changes to my body still took me by surprise. The first time my jeans didn't fit, my first thought was not: yay! Baby's growing! But: oh no!! I'm getting fat!! Now, two months away from the finish line, I really really miss my waist
  2. 2. No alcohol.
    I'm not a big drinker, but I love my weekend mimosas. I love the fruity summer cocktails. I miss them!! I miss the buzz! The champagne bubbles on my tongue...!!! *sigh...*
  3. 3. Acid Reflex. Like all. The. Time!!
  4. 4. I know real estate in my belly is prime right now, but this baby is taking up so. Much. Room!!
  5. 5. My body has been taken over!! 😫😫.
    I'm an active person generally - 5k runs three times a week was my grind. Now, I get breathless walking up a flight of stairs. I realize these restrictions on my activity are for the baby's safety, but I am definitely not made for bed rest. Not even 'light' bedrest!