5 things I love about being pregnant.

  1. 1. No more dieting!! (Technically), I can eat what ever I want because the baby is craving it!! And let me tell you, I've been gaga for froyo yo!
  2. 2. The glow: seriously, my hair, skin and nails have never looked this good! My face especially.... Like wow
  3. 3. The attention: everyone has to be super-nice to the pregnant lady.
    Instant seats on the subway & busses, getting to jump lines almost everywhere, extra stuff at restaurants (that last one may also be due to The Glow!😜). I know on some pregnancy blogs women gripe about how everyone now treats them different, but I'm loving the attention! This is my first, and it took me a lot of drama to conceive. I'm super excited and I love that everyone around me is too!
  4. 4. I have the perfect excuse for everything I don't want to do!!! From being late for work to skipping out on plans with my friends or attending that oh-so boring work dinner with the hubby. You can't guilt me any more into doing stuff!! My pregnant self trumps everything!!
  5. 5. I am literally a human 3-D printer!! I am making a person inside me as we speak! Like seriously, how cool is that?!