Inspired by @jeremysomething
  1. Over spilled milk: 0
  2. Over spilled breastmilk: 2
    The worst
  3. Over sports: 0
  4. Over sports movies: Always
    Especially Blind Side and Remember the Titans
  5. During workouts: 5 or 6
    Maybe more? Where some people feel pride and "runner's high" I feel hopelessness and despair and pure exhaustion
  6. Deaths of supporting TV characters that I never imagined would hit me so hard: 2
    Dale from TWD (I think I was pregnant when I saw that episode but I lost it big time) and Hodor
  7. Scary movies: 3
    When I'm really terrified I cry
  8. Incredibly bad dreams: 4
    (See above)
  9. Music, books, tv & film: More than the average bear
  10. On the first day of a diet: 2
    Paleo and South Beach.