1. I think we've become desensitized, out of necessity.
  2. Like this psychological construct that protects us from the gruesome reality of the world we live in
  3. The pain
  4. The violence
  5. The apathy
  6. We are two drinks in
  7. We're mostly asleep
  8. Until something shakes us
  9. Something a little too close to home. And then it's all right there. All the suffering. As plain as day. It could be any of us. It is all of us. We are all only human.
  10. Made up of the same bits. Pardoned by grace, damned by circumstance.
  11. And the weight of that realization sticks
  12. A feeling you can't shake
  13. Haunted by the happiness they deserved.
  14. I'm scared, and sad, and angry. For her. For us. For my children. For anyone who thinks they aren't worthy.