Best ways to combat anxiety brought to you by a very anxious person (obv we are all snowflakes and what works for me might not work for you blah blah blah)
  1. Outsource your anxiety
    Let your friends and family support you and help you work through it. They care about you and they want to help, so tell them what they can do (even if that means leaving you alone, listening to you talk about the million things you're worried about, or taking something off your to-do list). <insert some old adage about a burden being lighter when there are more hands to carry it or something>
  2. Sugar
    Ok, so maybe this isn't the healthiest way to deal with anxiety but desperate times call for creative measures. There's some science about chocolate releasing endorphins (I'm pretty sure) plus it helped with Dementor encounters in Harry Potter so I feel like this is a legitimate short term solution.
  3. Go outside and get dirty
    Nature is restorative. Take your kid - or someone else's kid or your dog or whatever - to the park. Pull some weeds in your garden. Go for a walk. The fresh air will help.
  4. Make a list
    Make a list of what you need to accomplish, break everything down into small steps, and start working through it. Bonus points for putting whatever you have already accomplished on the list then marking it off so you have a visual on the progress you're making.
  5. Change your environment
    Go outside. Go to a different room. Go to the store or coffee shop or even the bathroom. Or change the space you're in. Put on some music, open the blinds to let some natural light in, light a candle or wax warmer, even smelling an orange or something can help (physiological changes can encourage a psychological shift maybe? That sounds like a thing. I'm going with it.)
  6. Do some work
    Busy yourself with whatever you can. Cleaning, organizing, whatever. You'll get some of that nervous energy out, feel a sense of accomplishment, and maybe feel more at ease if you're in a more tidy space.
  7. Pay attention and speak up
    Keep track of your anxiety and possible triggers. Be mindful (ugh I know that's a trendy trendy buzzword right now but whatever). Maybe write it down or something. Be open with the people who matter about what makes you anxious and what, if anything, they can do to help you avoid those things or work through them.
  8. Take your freaking medicine
    I lived with anxiety for 28 years before finally getting help. At times it was all consuming. It absolutely affected all areas of my life (bonus alliteration!) and a lot of it could have been avoided. Just get help. Be open to trying medication or counseling or whatever it takes to feel better. So take your medicine, stay hydrated, do what you have to do to take care of yourself because you deserve it, you nutty little snowflake.
  9. Embrace the crazy
    By now you probably know that thinking about your anxiety and worrying about your anxiety will not lessen your anxiety. It will probably make it worse. So recognize it and roll with it. Give yourself a break, pay attention to what works for you, and employ those tactics more often.
  10. Find your [crazy] tribe
    It is so important to have friends that GET it. Friends that you can send an SOS to mid-panic attack. Friends that discuss mental health openly and unashamedly. Friends who don't ask you why you're so worried about [insert major anxiety trigger that seems "ridiculous" to everyone else].
    Suggested by @jennamo