Stuff I would throw in the car before heading for the mountains in a zombie outbreak, EMP attack, or other random disaster
  1. Assuming we have time to load all this up:
  2. All the bottled water, sports drinks, soda, and juice in the house
  3. As much food as we can possibly fit in the car
    Perishables to be eaten first, obv. Can't wait for my husband to finally admit that buying snacks in bulk was an excellent move on my part.
  4. Can opener, scissors, some utensils and plastic dishes
    I will spend the rest of my days eating out of a Thomas the Train bowl IDGAF
  5. All the diapers and wipes
    God, please let them both be potty trained by then though
  6. All the medicine, first aid supplies, and sunscreen
  8. Batteries, flashlights, matches, lighters
  9. Clothes, blankets, and toys/books/essential stuffed animals
  10. Guns, ammo, knives
    I'm having anxiety about weapons and kids in the same vehicle though. Like, maybe we need to take separate cars???
  11. Actual paper map
    Assuming we will not be able to use the GPS
  12. Maybe some tools?
    Could come in useful and possibly double as weapons.
  13. Duct tape
  14. Hand sanitizer
  15. I feel like 'containers full of gasoline' should be on the list but that's not something we just have lying around on the reg. Maybe we stop and get some?
    This is getting really stressful.
  16. Good outdoorsy shoes and thick socks, also rain boots and coats.
  17. Junk food
    Cause it's still a road trip ¯\_(ツ)_/¯