1. "You could be a model, if you lost some weight!"
    From my mother and her friends, throughout my childhood.
  2. "You're so photogenic!"
    Translation: You look way better with filters and flattering angles
  3. "You're funny, for a girl."
  4. "Wow, you eat like you're in the military."
    I eat quickly because I have a two year old and a four month old and shit could hit the fan (literally and figuratively) at any moment
  5. "You look like wolverine...... Angry and violent."
    Me: 😐😐😐😐😐
    Suggested by @Charlie_Chester
  6. Your hair/outfit looks good today!
    But only today...? cool! :)!
    Suggested by @le_d
  7. Wow, your voice is so much better than it was at the start of the year!
    Good 2 know that I sucked before!
    Suggested by @allisonlantagne
  8. "She knows a lot more than she lets on"
    Someone told my boss this in front of me. I think they meant I handle confidential info well & am observant, but it could also mean "she ain't as dumb as she looks, don't worry!"
    Suggested by @jhope71
  9. I love your hair! Mine is *just* like yours but I straighten it everyday.
    What?? 1. You're hair is prbly not just like mine, ain't no way I could straighten it everyday. also don't love it if you straighten it everyday.
    Suggested by @wilsonsh6
  10. Don't worry, your kids will be very resilient
    Suggested by @edge
  11. "You have a nice body. I Hate you." Wait, what??
    Suggested by @shanaz
  12. You would look so much better without makeup!
    You're trying to tell me you appreciate my natural beauty, but all I hear is you insulting my makeup skills. Also I don't wear makeup to please you so byeee.
    Suggested by @sarahtrue
  13. You have such beautiful eyes
    Too bad they are part of that face?
    Suggested by @zeldanotlink