1. Had my first *real* crush on a girl.
    Her name was Nikki. She drove a Ducati and I still blush when I think about her.
  2. May or may not have edited/written papers for 💰
    I'm not proud of this but I was struggling to pay for school and non essentials like food and tampons
  3. Stole a pink flamingo lawn figure from Pal's (actually, I drove the getaway car but that doesn't have the same ring to it)
    A local fast food chain that would display these once a year
  4. Was convinced I had an STD but it was an ingrown hair.
    Praise Jesus🙌🏽
  5. Had a weird email flirtation with a professor
    We sent late night emails back and forth. He encouraged my writing and talked me into performing at his open mic poetry slam and said things like "I'm really glad we're connecting on this level." I thought I was reading too much into it. Later found out that he fucked an acquaintance of mine for several months while she was in his class.
  6. Sent so many nudes
    I was insecure and also just coming into my sexuality and it was exhilarating idk