1. I perfected "sick makeup" to get out of my strength and conditioning class.
    Concealer or foundation on lips to make them look pale, dark color under eyes, some redness on and around nose and just picture something really sad like chocolate not existing then hold that expression
  2. I let a cute boy copy my homework (ONE TIME)
    And got busted.
  3. I co-authored a ridiculously long Backstreet Boys fan fiction with one of my closest friends. We passed a FLOPPY DISK back and forth.
  4. I danced alone in my room with the lights off (except some purple ROPE LIGHTS omg) all the time
    If someone knocked or came in I would get so embarrassed
  5. I "borrowed" soft core porn from the video store I worked at
    Like, top shelf movies. We got free rentals but I didn't want it showing up on my account so I would just take a video home and return it without checking it out 😳
  6. I bought my first vibrator like two days after turning 18.
    I actually bought 2, one for me and one for my best friend who was still 17. They were called Junior Softies. I threw mine away after one use cause I felt guilty???