All of my Fat MacGyver tweets/tips
  1. This actually tasted great.
  2. This one wasn't so great.
  3. Yeah.
  4. Within reason, obv.
  5. I remember this vividly 👎🏽
  6. *most liquids
  7. Ok, real talk. This one is a game changer.
  8. They are so much better semi frozen
  9. If you're not making time for dessert then maybe rethink your priorities???
  10. Yes, I did it. No, I'm not ashamed.
  11. Like mini Mexican shepard's pies
  12. Hey @eatthelove your waffle iron list reminded me of this tweet which inspired this list! So thank you! (Find his list here: 18 Fun and Tasty Waffle Iron Creations (Including Mac and Cheese!) )
  13. Not revolutionary but def tasty
  14. I used to just make homemade icing and keep it in the fridge and get a spoonful whenever I wanted something sweet. 💁🏻
  15. But people who criticize your milkshake habits are people you really don't need in your life
  16. This is a mini cupcake but it works for regular sized cupcakes too PERFECT CAKE TO ICING RATIO IN EVERY BITE