Inspired by @bjnovak and @mindy (honestly there are too many to list but these are the first ones that came to mind)
  1. Hotel clerk telling Kevin that they destroyed his shoes
  2. MY 👏🏼 MY 👏🏼 MY TURN
    When Michael is getting overly excited at the dinner party (this entire episode is just 💯, I really love the bit at the end where Andy licks Angela's ice cream and she smashes it on the car door)
  3. Dwight's snow man army/pranks freaking Jim the fuck out
  4. Daryl talking Andy into making the video about Sabre printers catching on fire then it actually catches on fire and cut to Daryl being like "I'm not messing with anyone anymore"
  5. Fashion show! Fashion show! FASHION SHOW AT LUNCH!
    This one is more of a favorite quote. Sometimes my husband and I will chant this when we ask the other one to do something and they seem reluctant
  6. Michael's happy video/dance after we see that Holly isn't wearing an engagement ring
  7. Stanley talking about pretzel day
  8. "I'm sorry Michael, I need you to say it."
    Pam making Michael acknowledge that he's not Cece's Godfather
  9. Angela flashing her beet stained teeth when she and Dwight are talking to the lawyer
  10. Holly leading Dwight and Erin to Michael (when Michael is lost after Jim left him at the gas station) because they're so alike
    I have to know, @bjnovak and @mindy, was this an homage to the Martin Short movie "Pure Luck???"