Ok these are more mean than fun and I haven't done them but I dream of a world where my evil alter ego would
  1. Respond to a text with a phone call
    Pretty much the worst thing you can do to someone.
  2. Give them something ugly to display in their home
    Talk about how you spent so much time picking it out and you hope they think of you whenever they look at it. Better yet, make something yourself; they'll feel more obligated to put it somewhere prominent.
  3. Sign them up for everything
    Free samples, Viagra brochures, and every e-newsletter you can find
  4. Comment on all their posts with vague emojis
    They'll be trying to decipher the meaning for days but too embarrassed to ask because they would risk looking extremely behind the times. They will slowly go insane in their quest to discover the true meaning of 👺