Because my parents are divorced and his parents are divorced and we often have several (re: up to FOUR) separate celebrations for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Oh and our kids have December and January birthdays so we basically run a hotel from Nov-Jan.
  1. Double up if you can
    We try to get both moms here for one of the holidays (usually thanksgiving). Two birds, one stone, zero chances to relax.
  2. Plan meals meticulously
    Because they all have different dietary restrictions and [STRONG] food/beverage preferences
  3. Clean beyond their wildest expectations
    It should look like no one lives in your home
  4. Expect the unexpected
    Someone will break something, your kid will repeat a bad word, and you'll probably overhear someone talking shit before this is over
  5. Self Medicate with caffeine or wine or social media
    Pick your poison and do what you have to do to survive
  6. Be gracious, stay positive
    People can sense when you're anxious and tense and it will just make them feel uncomfortable. You know how smiling can actually trick your brain into being happy or something scientific like that? Same principle