1. Come bearing gifts
    Wine, flowers, a basil plant, maybe some kind of pastry? Classy af
  2. Give exact dates and times for arrival and departure and stick to it
    The only thing worse than showing up early is overstaying your welcome, don't be that person
  3. Don't offer to help out, just do it.
    Do not say "can I help?" with dinner or the dishes or carrying groceries because most people will tell you not to worry about it even though they could use the help. Just jump in there and make yourself useful.
  4. Try not to completely upend your host's routine
    Be flexible, be gracious, be aware of your impact on their day to day life.
  5. Provide a meal or two
    Whether it's bringing home takeout, cooking for them, or going out to a restaurant: they could probably use a break.
  6. Clean up after yourself
    This one should be obvious. You aren't in a hotel. Someone was kind enough to open their home to you, treat it like you would your own (actually, treat it better).
  7. Show your appreciation
    Send a 'thank you' card or leave a handwritten note in the room on your way out. It makes a difference and shows that their hospitality and company really matters to you.