1. My need to be liked
    I was raised to be polite no matter what. Be nice, be submissive, be helpful - even when it hurts. I was raised to really care (worry) about what others thought of me. I know it wasn't my mother's intention but it was a product of seeing how she interacted with the world/treated herself and being reprimanded anytime I said or did something that could garner harsh judgement from others. I work at being more assertive because I don't want to pass this on.
  2. Homophobic or racially insensitive comments from family or friends
    I shut that shit down when someone says something in front of them but still worry that they've heard it at all from people they look up to
  3. Seeing me naked
    I have a toddler and a newborn and while I'm sure they won't remember seeing it - what if it somehow influences their subconscious like they become serial killers who only target chubby Italian women???
  4. The instant gratification that we get from the Internet
    They'll never know the struggle of having to wait for someone to return a VHS copy of Splash to the video store.
  5. Finding lingerie or something after I die
    Ok, ideally I'll be old af and sex will be a distant memory when my time comes but what if I die much sooner and they're like "why does mom have this fancy neck massager in her nightstand drawer OH MY GOD"