Fun ways to incorporate kale into your diet
  1. Make a kale sandwich with pizza instead of bread
    The delicious greasy pizza will cancel out the awful kale.
  2. Take your favorite fruit smoothie then add kale to make it a green smoothie
    You are so healthy and on trend. Drink half of it, then buy yourself a milkshake to celebrate.
  3. Add some kale to your mashed potatoes
    Chop finely and sauté then mix in with some rich creamy mashed potatoes. Wow dude, you are probably ten pounds lighter already. Go ahead, WEIGH 👏🏼 YO 👏🏼 SELF
  4. Just munch on some raw kale
    This one is good for rabbits or people doing penance for something really bad
  5. Kale chips
    This one is legit and it's delicious. I will sing the praises of kale chips till my dying day.