These are the apps I'm most embarrassed of having and using regularly. What are yours?
  1. Chipotle
    Q: What's more embarrassing than having the chipotle app on your phone? A: When they recognize you because you're a burrito monster
  2. Dice With Buddies/Dice Free
    It's basically Yahtzee and it helps me stay awake when I'm breastfeeding in the middle of the night and I've played something like 2000 games
  3. Covet
    Playing Dice With Buddies and I saw an add for this and downloaded it and you design outfits that are judged by your peers and I love it because I am pretty much a garbage person
  4. Influenster & Klout
    Free stuff that I review and tweet about because I am like a sellout but without the money or fame or talent. Most of it is just health and beauty stuff but I got a free Keurig once so that was nice.