Please don't ask us where we're from
  1. May 2008 We meet in Johnson City, TN
    So far I have lived in TX, GA, FL, TN, then back to GA for school. Massive breakup prompts me to change location. I have friends at ETSU so I figure "why not?" Eventually we meet and do gross falling in love stuff blah blah blah
  2. August 2012 We move to Fayetteville, NC
    He gets a promotion, we move. It's hard being somewhere new with no friends and I can't find a job. We decide it's the perfect time to procreate and through science and magic or whatever we end up with an amazing baby boy at the end of '13.
  3. October 2014 We move to Anderson, SC
    Another promotion, another move. This one gets us closer to home and there's a better work life balance for him so that's all exciting. After a while we decide that it's time for another baby and my body does what it was designed to do and gets super pregnant.
  4. October 2015 We move to Spartanburg, SC
    He gets transferred and we decide we have to move because commuting is just the worst. I pack our entire house whilst being PREGNANT AF (I do not recommend this). We buy our first home and get unpacked and ring in the new year then welcome our second amazing baby boy.
  5. July 2016 We are moving to Atlanta, GA
    Amazing opportunity in ATL. Selling our house, packing recently unpacked stuff, and buying a new house with truly horrific cat wallpaper (only in one room but we can't stop won't stop calling it the Cat House). Exciting stuff. Scary stuff. Exhausting stuff.