I got most of these titles from googling "popular songs" and reading the Billboard list of "Greatest of All Time Hot 100 Singles"
  1. Eye of the Tiger
    Tiger with one eye (and a pirate patch) struggling with spatial awareness and showing kids that being different is ok
  2. Somebody That I Used to Know
    Tackles the sad truth that friends grow apart and teaches kids to accept it and appreciate the value of those formative friendships - bittersweet like "The Giving Tree"
  3. Blurred Lines
    Linus the lion cub needs glasses, he feels self conscious about looking different so he doesn't wear them. After bumbling along, making messes and struggling to see his schoolwork he realizes that glasses aren't so bad.
  4. Every Breath You Take
    Asthma? The need for more trees/oxygen maybe? Germ/hygiene awareness? I don't know
  5. Apologize
    Stubborn anthropomorphized adolescent animal who doesn't like apologizing, eventually realizes that saying "sorry" is sometimes the right thing to do.
  6. All Night Long
    Christmas book about a child determined to stay awake to see Santa - even if it means being up ALL NIGHT LONG.
  7. Octopus's Garden
    Could probably just use the actual lyrics with illustrations on this one, tbh
  8. Paper Planes
    All about the power of imagination to take us away, complete with instructions for making your own paper planes at the end. But probably minus the gun shot sound effect.
    Suggested by @tedfox
  9. I Will Always Love You
    A tender explanation of Conscious Uncoupling ("divorce" is such a harsh word, and so 2015), use this children's story illustrated with barnyard animals to help your child come to terms with the new dual life they will live now that their parents hate each other.
    Suggested by @BWN_7
  10. Call Me Maybe
    A parable of a young child who forgets stranger danger rules and learns the importance of not giving out your phone number. 😂
    Suggested by @hh12995
  11. Smells Like Teen Spirit
    A hilarious insight into the life of a young boy and his awkward journey into manhood.
    Suggested by @imadepoopstoday