1. Bring your plate to the sink
    It blows my mind when people don't do this. WERE YOU RAISED IN A BARN?
  2. Acknowledge kindness
    If someone holds the door open for you or picks up something you dropped or slows down to let you walk in front of their car maybe say "thank you" or smile or do something to prove that you're not a heartless monster
  3. Don't text while driving me somewhere
    Fuck my life, right?
  4. Clean up your butts
    Haha double entendre. Seriously though, please don't leave your cigarette butts all over my lawn, porch, life
  5. Cover you mouth/nose when you sneeze. No need for an effing water spray bottle. That's enough.
    Suggested by @k8zinker
  6. Don't Talk on Your Cell Phone During Meetings or Presentations or when there's a DAMN sign that says 📵
    This should be a given but there are still people that answer their cell phone during, staff meetings, when someone is giving a presentation or speech, or in line when ordering! You don't need to answer your phone to tell the caller "I can't talk!" Take the call outside - you're not more important than everyone else!
    Suggested by @kate81
  7. Say please!
    Instead of saying "hand me that book" and sounding like an ass, you could easily say "hand me that book please." It's not that hard, and it makes me happy when people are polite.
    Suggested by @daisy
  8. Don't leave a party, wedding, shower as soon as the cake comes out
    This bothers me. People put in a lot of time, money, effort to throw a party and I hate when you can just tell how anxious people are to leave an event
    Suggested by @missv