My husband is an amazing cook, he just instinctually knows how to throw together something delicious. I am considerably less talented in the culinary arts and also I am really lazy. When he is away on business I tend to eat the most basic of basic meals, these are some of my greatest hits
  1. Yeah that's a tortilla with cheese and taco sauce
  2. This? Oh I just threw this together. NBD. Little smokies with mustard on a hamburger bun.
    This was kind of delicious but it made me feel ashamed of myself?
  3. It wasn't my birthday but that didn't stop me from eating this for dinner
  4. These are just some of my nightstand snacks for those 4am breastfeeding sessions but they also work for breakfast, lunch, or dinner
    Super healthy, obv
  5. Speaking of nightstand snacks
    It's more of a pantry than a nightstand at this point
  6. Smoothies. Because it's super easy (bonus: It's a way to get fresh produce into my toddler)
  7. Muscle Milk
    This can be a meal, I swear
  8. Coffee or tea
    Not pictured: biscotti or bagel or some other carb
  9. Yes, I know takeout is an option but now that I have two babies I am way too tired/lazy to drag them out for food and the only places around here that deliver are pizza joints