This Week in Home Renovations (*fart noise*)

We closed on our new house today after our initial close date/financing fell through and we spent two scary weeks homeless (but hosted by family).
  1. New Carpet upstairs
    Happening today. The old carpet was originally white, and is now a grayish color (and like 22 years old). We lucked out in that the previous owners recently put new wood and tile downstairs but this is still stupid expensive and I feel like I'm getting punched in the stomach
  2. Removing CAT WALLPAPER in laundry room, painting laundry room
    I'm not even mad about that wallpaper though, I wish I had the balls to be like HEY WORLD I REALLY LIKE CHEESEBURGERS IMMA PUT THEM ON MY WALLS
  3. New bath fixtures
    Happening today and tomorrow. Fun fact: Buying moderately priced fixtures for three bathrooms is way too much fucking money
  4. Removing dated wallpaper from three bathrooms, painting
  5. New light fixture in dining room
  6. New ceiling fans/fixtures in living room and master bedroom
    Ugh ugh
  7. Fence to contain dogs and babies
  8. Painting the teal bedroom
    Sure why not
  9. Other random small things that will keep adding up till we are basically reenacting the 1986 hit "Money Pit" starring Mr. Tom Hanks and Ms. Shelley Long