Inspired by @bjnovak and all the other cool kids
  1. Went shopping
    Bought yoga pants and a shirt that says "RUN" because I am a "LIAR."
  2. Failed to pack enough snacks for toddler, he left a v negative Yelp review
  3. Changed something like 200 diapers
  4. Told husband our song should be Jim Croce's "Time In a Bottle"
    Forced him to listen to it while I cried behind giant sunglasses.
  5. Realized I'm ovulating.
  6. Cried again because we are done having babies
  7. Praised fellow mom for staying strong during her toddler's tantrum
    I don't make a habit of randomly talking to strangers but I felt for her. It's hard being in public and getting all the looks when your kid is being super difficult. It feels like everyone is judging you. She deserved to hear that she was doing good work.
  8. Home for Bucatini Cacio e Pepe
    (Cheesy peppery pasta that has become one of the husband's signature dishes)
  9. Also baked stuff clams
    My Grandma's recipe
  10. A game of Phase 10
    Which is arguably the best card game of our generation.
  11. Brownies