Everything happens for a reason and it's scary to think that if any one small thing had been different my path could have been altered and I maybe wouldn't have this beautiful family and pretty wonderful life so this is obv a hypothetical - keep your DeLoreans away from me
  1. You're not fat
  2. Seriously. One day you will wish you looked like this. Own it.
  3. Get your eyebrows shaped though
  4. Masturbating is not wrong
    I would do it then equate anything bad that happened in my life with that act like "oh, we lost the game because I played DJ, I'm being punished." Then I would stop for a long time then do it again and repeat the whole ridiculous cycle. I don't know if this was a product of growing up in the Bible Belt or me just being crazy af?
  5. Just go for it
    I was so afraid of being judged or disliked or rejected that I missed out on a lot. Part of this was normal teen self consciousness and part of it was crippling anxiety which leads me to:
  6. Get some help
  7. It gets better. So much better.