1. Don't expect this to be serious
  2. January
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    I spit out my drink every time. Not taken but screenshotted in January ok stop yelling at me
  3. February
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    Handheld dog faces r great
  4. March
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  5. April
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    9/10 people cry at the sight of this photo
  6. May
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    Did I mention I have doges
  7. June
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    VERY BRAVE THING I DID- chopped it off
  8. July
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    Had to get creative with the W ;-)
  9. August
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    Wow maybe I have a future in this
  10. August part 2 sorry
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    Not sure how to crop but I had to get her legs in there just look at her 😢😢😢😢
  11. September
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    Teach em the double chin young
  12. October
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    When a fricking pumpkin is cuter than u
  13. November
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    Delilah I-
  14. November part 2
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  15. November part 3
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  16. December
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    I was forced to do this. Ok jk I was all for it I even made the belt out of paper and the beard out of a paper towel #THROWBACK
  17. Happy new year ya'll