This list goes from serious issues to just pet peeves of mine essentially so enjoy the beautiful dynamic wonder!
  1. "That's gay"
    If you're describing something negatively, this is NOT an adjective for that!! That is to describe someone's sexual orientation, and just that. There is NOTHING wrong with being gay so please stop using it as an insulting term!!!!
  2. The R word
    NEVER okay to say! Very offensive to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities as well as the people that care for and support them. A very dated term- enough. ELIMINATE THIS WORD FROM YOUR VOCABULARY!!!
  3. Starting off any sentence with "You should..."
    I don't know this just really gets on my nerves!!!! Did you never learn any manners?? Just say please if you need me to do you a favor I just wanna live
  4. "Grow a pair"
    Of balls??? Are these not like super delicate and fragile? Has nothing to do with toughening up. Shut the frick up
  5. "All lives matter"
    Don't even get me started on this. Usually comes from people who are NOT AT ALL facing any oppression whatsoever. It's even worse when its coming from a middle aged privileged white man. It's a no from me!!!!
  6. And so many more I could ramble 5ever