Don't get me wrong I'm very fortunate to be getting an education but lordt I hate school but here's a cute lil something
  1. Okay so today in academic writing we had to read our papers in front of class
    It's our last paper of the semester and it's about reflecting on the class and it's kinda personal and we fricking had to read them oUT LOUD
  2. I honestly crammed to get it done last night because I read my friend's and hers was hilarious so I felt like I had to add some humor to mine
    I did what I had to do and was hoping at best that I'd get at least one of those nose laughs where you just kinda breathe a little harder out of your nose ya know
  3. I was really hoping we'd run out of time so I didn't have to read in class but my teacher picked my name
    My fricking NAME
  4. So I go up to the podium and I was like "wow my bangs are long I kinda can't see my paper" and "wow my contacts are blurring out" and eeeeehhhdkslfl it was true but shut the frick up Tory
    So my teacher was like "Wow you don't have a future in public speaking". Thx!
  5. Now I'm like screw this let's just get this over with
  6. So I start reading my paper and my first sentence kinda makes my teacher and the class chuckle
    Um I mean thanks I guess
  7. By the time I get to the bottom of the first page people are cackling
    What is happening????
  8. I keep reading the whole thing and my classmates are laughing and my teacher is honestly dying in her chair she is about to die
    She is laughing so hard I don't get it
  9. At this point I just like run back to my seat and my teacher she gives me a fricking STANDING OVATION
    And everyone was like hey Tory that was funny
  10. No apparently it was actually funny
  11. I mean I've always wanted to be on SNL maybe there's hope now
  12. So by the end everyone's laughing and I'm lost and wondering if I have the old spinach in my teeth ya feel
    Maybe I accidentally ate a weed brownie idk is that what happens
  13. Honest to GOD I was not respecting this reaction AT ALL WHATSOEVER
  14. Now my teacher's like "I was so wrong you are great at public speaking sorry to whoever has to follow that"
  15. So yeah the day goes on and people keep coming up to me telling me about how they heard that my essay was so funny
  16. Seriously I am stunned I am not even funny
  17. But yeah this just kinda made me feel good ok sorry
  18. It was a good day
  19. Sorry I can't make a story short for the life of me