1. A teacher
    My mom is a teacher and I wanted to be just like her. Little did I know that she would actually one day tell me "never become a teacher" ok!
  2. A hairdresser
    One time I gave my Barbie a pixie cut to look like 2007 Kate Gosselin and she looked nothing less than FAB. My true calling probably
  3. A "celebrity"
    I remember in like third and fourth grade I legitimately thought that I was a talented singer. I even had a stage name picked out: Taylor Olivius. I have a paper that I wrote in fourth grade that states "I want to be a celebrity and go to premieres and photoshoots" don't ask
  4. A lawyer
    Like I think I had just watched Legally Blonde for the first time and I was just deeply inspired
  5. That person who draws your blood
    And this specifically. I just loved WATCHING the blood. I don't know maybe deep down my dreams were to become a vampire
  6. An anesthesiologist
    They make hella good money (did I just say hella) and it's a long word so instantly you would assume that I'm a big deal
  7. An anesthesiologist's assistant
    Switched to this after I found out that you could be sued for potentially messing up in the OR (that's operating room, yes I watch Grey's Anatomy). So you become the assistant instead and still get paid just as much. Genius
  8. A nanny
    Influenced by Fran Fine, Jessie, and Maria Von Trapp
  9. A teacher again
    Actually not really because we had to write an essay in the 9th grade about what we wanted be when we grew up. I knew everything about being a teacher so I simply chose that career so I didn't have to do any research. SLACKAAAAA
    I REALLY DON'T KNOW so please stop asking me you're stressing me out I'm only 16 practically a baby ok??? K thx mom.... and dad... and every other adult I've ever encountered bye