1. Hey @rowanblanchard lookey here
  2. Ok let's go! She's my feminist queen
    Obviously. Everything she has to say about feminism is what the kids call "💯" and I wish I was as intelligent as her. Her essay she initially wrote on tumblr last summer is my everything
  3. She's supremely intelligent
    As I was saying. Maybe she's sick of hearing "for her age..." but she really is. Row has so much prominent wisdom for being just 14. She wants to go to Columbia and Oxford. But that's the thing, she totally and completely CAN. You go girl I'm here for you
  4. Gives KICKASS speeches
    Pardon my French mademoiselle!!!! She spoke at We Day here in my home state Minnesota. Some of my friends were there and I was honestly so bummed I couldn't go :( But one of my friends knows how much I love Rowan so she took a video of Rowan's whole speech on feminism. I watched it and EVERYTHING SHE SAYS is just yasss gaga. Let's not forget though her speech at the UN Women's conference in June. Girl you know I watched that stuff LIVE. I lived for for it. She slayed
  5. Just so... "real" I suppose?
    She's just so honest with all her social media posts and she doesn't hold back, and I love it. My favorite thing is when she posts videos from snapchat, I play them over and over and I laugh so hard :') She shows us a glimpse into her life that's not full of heels, dresses, and lip gloss. Luv her
  6. Amazing actress
    I mean come on... Spy Kids 4? Don't hate on it she is cute as heck and I like the movie!! Also I couldn't possibly forget Girl Meets World!!!! Best Disney Channel show in a while and I love the important issues they address and portray. Row wows me every episode. Fricking love it I'm actually watching it as I write this
  7. Her taste in films!!!!
    American Beauty, Birdman, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Mean Girls, West Side Story, Easy A, The Breakfast Club, Elf, etc??????? GENIUS
  8. Loves Broadway Showtunes
    Few teenagers do so when I come across them I BOW DOWN. Broadway is the cure to all diseases js
  9. She loves My Fair Lady
    This I know. I LOVE it too so let's be bff's Row!!!! Wouldn't it be loverly??? Ok I'm desperate wow
  10. LOVES Audrey Hepburn
    Because why wouldn't you? Anyone one who shares my love for this amazing human being is instantly my favorite. Rowan and I could probably talk all day about how Audrey is so marvelous and everything wonderful. Rowan reminds me of Audrey in so many ways :-)
  11. Loves New York City
    I have never been. I long SO BADLY to go though. My room is just scattered with miscellaneous New York knick knacks and throw pillows and painted canvases. So yeah anyone who also loves New York has won me over basically. Yikes I need to stop talking about myself
  12. Dark chocolate enthusiast
    Dark chocolate doesn't get the attention it deserves
  13. Doesn't need to smile
    OF COURSE SHE DOES NOT HAVE TO. And neither does anyone else! :)))) I'm sick of the double standards. When a boy doesn't, he's attractive. When a girl doesn't, she's depressed???? Not really an assumption for you to make! Rowan is magnificent the way she is and doesn't need to smile in her pictures is she doesn't want to (: thank u
    Trust me I KNOW outer beauty is essentially not what's truly important BUT JUST LET ME FINISH. Row's JAWLINE. Her CHEEKBONES. Her EYEBROWS. Her GORGEOUS HAIR. Her PERFECT FACE ALTOGETHER. Her EVERYTHING she's just so cute and beautiful and elegant and uldlflakfpwpgjr I love her so
  15. This is another one of those lists where I could honestly write a novel. But I best be hurrying off to bed. I have to wake up in 6 hours :'(
  16. Rowan, I love you so much. Never change 💅 -Tory