Mary Meeker's internet trends report is a fascinating exploration of the latest in AI, transportation, media, social platforms, data, shared economy, and more. Here are the most important insights on social media and distributed content.
  1. People worldwide shared almost twice as many photos in 2015 as they did in 2014, and almost half of that happened on a platform owned by Facebook. “Generation Z,” those younger than age 20, communicates primarily in images.
  2. Images are just as important as video. New capabilities for Search within images on social will open new doors for discoverability and reach.
  3. Messaging apps over time will replace the home screen as the go-to place for interaction.
  4. Google and Facebook comprise 76% of Internet Advertising – Facebook increased advertising revenue by 59% from 2014 to 2015.
  5. Meeker identified video ads as effective if they are authentic, personal, able to be controlled by the viewer, and work with the sound off.
    Snapchat’s 3V ads (Vertical for mobile, Video storytelling, and full screen Viewing) are particularly effective.
  6. Hyper-targeted marketing on social platforms boosts return on ad spend. Retailers are using hyper targeting to find loyal customers, match to consumer interest and needs and improve customer experience.
  7. When it comes to reach among young social media users (ages 18-34), as well as engagement (minutes per visitor), Facebook blows all other competition – even Snapchat – out of the water.
  8. Facebook Live and Periscope are explained by the evolution of video consumption — first was linear (you tune-in, or you miss it), then on-demand (watch on your own terms), then semi-live (personal 1-1 audience, tune-in within 24 hours), and now is “real-live” that hits both mass audiences while achieving a personal 1-1 feeling.
  9. Snapchat has caught up with Facebook daily video views, with 10 billion views per day as of Q1 of 2016. Facebook is at 8b per day, although they haven’t reported numbers since Q3 of last year.
  10. Explaining Snapchat: Meeker says that an increasing dexterity and creativity with smartphones are allowing for new forms of storytelling and messaging. Snapchat is just the first big expression of this, combining stories, live interaction, and discovery.
  11. Snapchat stats: 10 to 20 million Snapchatters view live stories each day (more users watched the MTV Music Awards on Snapchat than watched the Event on TV). 70 million Snapchatters view Discover content each month.
  12. How are retailers/publishers/brands getting to the Snapchat audience? By integrating filters.
    These are most often available only in certain locations. Sponsored lenses, although insanely expensive, get hundreds of millions of views on Snapchat, and interactivity with and engagement is extremely high (the average Snapchatter plays with sponsored lenses for 20 seconds).
  13. Facebook Live offers a platform for individuals to reach a huge number of people, and for brands/retailers/publishers to have authentic live conversations and interactions with audiences and consumers.
  14. Social + sports has been a match made in heaven, but the rise of live streaming is going to be a massive lift for the sports industry. Allows you to watch a game with all your friends and fellow fans.
    Meeker mocks up what a live NFL game could look like on Twitter come this fall — includes options for push notifications, real-time conversation, play-by-play, professional commentary, location based engagement, and a TV-like viewing experience.
  15. The messaging platform leaders are WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Messaging is evolving from simple social conversations to business-related conversations and personalized content. What’s the best ways for businesses to contact millennials? Social media and chat — NOT the telephone.