Last week in social media platform changes

Catch up on last week's social platform changes and updates, as new features continued to roll out as you were stuffing your face with Uncle Henry's pecan pie.
  1. Live video debuted on Instagram Stories, with an unexpected ephemeral element: when you finish the live broadcast, the story disappears. To go live, swipe right from the feed, and tap “Start Live Video.” Videos can go up to an hour. Other features: notifications for friends’ lives, and comment moderation (pinning comments and turning off comments).
  2. Instagram wasn’t done with the live stories update. They also introduced disappearing photos and videos for groups and friends. On Instagram Direct (their DM feature), you can now send ephemeral photos and videos in addition to the comments that the feature offered previously. Like with Snapchat, you get notified if they reply or take a screenshot.
  3. Facebook tested a new Facebook Live feature: The ability to run ads in newsfeeds at the same time as a live stream, encouraging users to join and watch live.
  4. Facebook expanded their Social Good features for nonprofit pages, adding features for more than 750,000 nonprofits and adding a donate button to Live videos and posts.
  5. WhatsApp added the ability to place free video calls from within the app.
  6. Twitter added QR codes to its iOS and Android apps. I read about this update from a very sarcastic article from The Verge, titled “Twitter adds QR codes for some reason.”
  7. Facebook decided to shut down ad-buying tool Atlas, to focus on selling ads via Facebook’s Audience Network.