The Week in Social Media Platform Changes

A trend of topic-based content discovery emerges, plus other changes that a social media producer/ editor / manager / professional should know about.
  1. Vox joins Snapchat Discover, bringing the number of channels to 17.
  2. Twitter expands its native polling option, letting you poll across multiple days and offer more than two options.
  3. I haven't heard a lot about Facebook @ Work since they launched in January, but it seems like it's been successful enough that they've expanded into messaging. On Monday, they debuted a new “Work Chat” app.
  4. A week ago, Twitter removed the ability for Twitter share counts to appear on sites’ social share buttons. Still want those numbers on your site? You can have them - for a fee, provided by data service Gnip. (Although you can still get data through SimpleReach, which has a partnership with Twitter.) Follow the backlash: #saveoursharecounts
  5. A new Snapchat feature called Story Explorer allows you to see your friends' contributions to Live Stories.
  6. On Vine, you can "swipe left" now to see more of a particular topic. This follows a trend for social platforms to foster more topic-based content discovery: Vine’s update is very similar to new features on other platforms, such as Snapchat's brand new "Story Explorer," Twitter's Moments, and Instagram's content streams in their Search section.
  7. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Let me know in the comments anything I missed.