Facebook promises Live video to the masses, Snapchat makes an editorial play, and social media managers get news from Instagram that will make their lives SO MUCH EASIER.
  1. Huge news for those of us managing multiple Instagram accounts: Instagram is testing multiple account support on Android, with an iOS version to follow.
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  2. In a big move that puts it in direct competition with Twitter’s Periscope, Facebook started rolling out Live to the (iPhone carrying) public. Previously only available to celebrities, Live allows you to broadcast a stream from your Facebook page. It will be interesting to see how the feature is used once us Normals get our hands on it.
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  3. Facebook also introduced “Collage,” an automatic way to group photos and videos that were taken together into a moving collage. You can edit this collage by adding or removing which photos are included. (This seems very similar to the Google+ collage feature introduced in May of 2014.)
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  4. So Android users wouldn’t feel too left out, Facebook has announced they’re testing a new feature that suggests post types when you go to share a status on Facebook. Android users will be one click away from uploading a photo, checking into a location, or you guessed it — jumping into a Live video.
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  5. Snapchat is allowing publishing partners (for now just select Discover channels) to share links that will take people directly to Snapchat content. This a huge departure from the mindset that has driven Snapchat development thus far — the idea that Snapchat was an inherently internal platform.
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  6. LinkedIn redesigned its mobile app with a focus on helping you keep up to date on your connections. The five new "pillars" in the app: 1) Home Feed showcasing content based on your interests, 2) Activity around your profile, 3) Messaging, 4) Changes to your connections, and 5) Search.
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  7. Twitter adjusts its navigation on mobile, switching the Notifications bell with the Moments lightning bolt. This is a play to get more people to check out Moments — but is only for Android for now.
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  8. Twitter offers advertisers an option to “promote” a curated feed of tweets, photos and videos in its Moments tab… for $1 million. This price tag is limited the amount of advertisers who are able to buy a Promoted Moment for now, but Twitter plans to roll out more ad options for Moments next year.
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  9. Snapchat made its first big splash into editorial waters this week, running a Live Story around the #SanBernardino mass shooting. For many, Snapchat became the place people watched to see updates, images and video from the scene and the surrounding areas. What do you think: inappropriate or a promising piece of journalism?
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